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Military Engineer Jobs is the official job board for members of the Canadian Military Engineers Association.

Why a Job Posting package?

  • Reach more people

    More than 1,800 uniquely qualified engineering candidates have exclusive access to Military Engineer Jobs.

  • Find specialized talent

    Military Engineer Jobs candidates are members of the Canadian Military Engineers Association.

  • Connect with interested candidates

    The Canadian Military Engineers Association's weekly member newsletter includes jobs posted on Military Engineer Jobs.

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$360 or $500 for non-members

30 Days Resume Database Access

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Why use the Military Engineer Jobs Resume Database?

  • Proactively find talent

    More than 5,000 job searches are conducted by Military Engineer Jobs candidates every month.

  • Save money

    Get unlimited access to resumes and source candidates for an unlimited number of positions during your 30-day subscription.

  • Target specific qualifications

    Use powerful resume search tools to target candidates based on experience with specific engineering systems, past employers, education, location, salary range, and a number of other criteria.

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$504 or $700 for non-members

  • 1 Job post
  • Resume Database
  • Access for 30 days
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Why this promotional offer?

  • Maximize your reach

    There are more than 5,000 job searches every month by members with resumes in the database.

  • Go high impact

    Combine the wide exposure of a Job Posting with a targeted search in the Resume Database. Get the best possible exposure for your opportunity.

  • Bundled value

    Save $72 ($100 for non-members) when you combine these products. It`s the most cost effective way to use your recruitment budget.

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Why hire a Military Engineer?

  • Disaster Assistance Response Team Engineering Officer escorts Minister of Labour in Nepal May 2015.
    Disaster Assistance Response Team Engineering Officer escorts Minister of Labour in Nepal May 2015.


    Transitioning Canadian Military Engineers and technicians have solid leadership and technical abilities. They have the knowledge, skills, and experience to serve at the director, manager, superintendent, foreman and technician levels.

    Not only are they fully educated and trained in the latest developments in their respective fields of expertise, but they have also honed these abilities in rapidly changing, often challenging, real-world situations at home and abroad.

    This unique combination of top notch credentials, valuable skills, and on-the-job experience makes hiring transitioning military engineers and technicians a smart business decision.

  • Multi-disciplined engineer team Sod-Turning Ceremony.
    Multi-disciplined engineer team Sod-Turning Ceremony.


    Along with advanced engineering knowledge and skills, gained through rigorous education and training, and exceptional real-world experience, transitioning members of the Canadian Military Engineers bring to their potential employers a wide range of other transferable skills that are highly sought-after across industries.

    Military Engineers are trained to deliver results and to adapt quickly to changing situations. They have highly honed risk assessment abilities, and an unparalleled work ethic formed through service to their country. They are the ultimate team players, and strong leaders. They lead by example as well as through collaboration, delegation, and inspiration. They bring the professional outlook and technological knowledge that is essential for organizations to succeed.

  • Military Plumbing and Heating Technician on the job.
    Military Plumbing and Heating Technician on the job.


    (Adapted from. Brad Beveridge, Managing Director, Amrop Knightsbridge Executive Search ["From Battlefields to Boardrooms, How employers can tap into the ex-military talent pool", Accessed at June 15,2015])

    Shaun Francis of True Patriot Love states: "There is a growing confidence … Canadian employers would begin to access a valuable but previously untapped talent pool. There is an expressed hope that as more veterans are hired, more will rise to executive ranks and there will be greater awareness of the untapped ex-military talent pool…You're getting one of the best human resources you could ever imagine. These people are fearless, logical and effective."

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